Debbie Wang, MSW, RSW, PhD

Relationship Education & Counselling


Each of us is hardwired for connection and closeness.  There is a deep longing in human beings to love and be loved.  We all want close, loving, long-term relationships... Many feel isolated and alone

when we are not able to attain or sustain such relationships.

Based on research findings, divorced couples fight and happy couples also fight.  Beyond the common conflicts of ‘money, sex, time, parenting, and in-laws’, what we are really fighting about is:  “A.R.E. you there for me?”

  1.   Accessible - Can I call on you when I need you?

  2.   Responsive - Will you turn to me and support me?

  3.   Engaging - Will you get me and stay with me emotionally?

These questions are at the root of what couples fight about.

And fight we will. Or withdraw.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a highly researched, effective, and evidence-based treatment.  Based on the new science of love, it focuses on the emotional bond and security between partners.

Recognizing that most relational problems arise from a disruption of this bond, EFT helps couples to stop their isolation by breaking the negative cycles and reach for one another more effectively.

The most essential skill in relationship...

Quick repair to reconnect.

Strong emotional connections with our loved ones protect us from physical and emotional illness and help sustain longer, healthier lives.  Loving partners make loving parents and strong families

build a more  loving, compassionate world.

“To live. To Love. To learn. To leave a legacy.”